post road Provisions

Local charcuterie made by hand in somerville, ma


A little bit about us...

Post Road Provisions is owned and operated by Sam Ferguson and Lily Rosenbloom. After 7 years of working, traveling, and food exploration, they've brought their passion for finely curated charcuterie to the SoWa Marketplace.

Sam crafted his skills as the Sous Chef for Barbara Lynch's The Butcher Shop as well as Head Chef at Savenor's Market, while Lily honed her hospitality touch with time at B&G Oysters and Sarma. Post Road Provisions is inspired by Sam and Lily's trips to Spain and France, as well as their time spent in California and Boston. They are excited to share their love for locally sourced, hand crafted charcuterie each weekend at Boston's SoWa Market this summer. 

Located in Boston's historic SoWa Market, Post Road Provisions sells artisanal sausage, pâté, bone broth, and seasonal accoutrements.



(843) 696-8606



SoWa Market

375 Harrison Ave,

Boston, MA 02118

SuN 10a–4p

We work with a variety of farms in Massachusetts to source local, sustainable and well raised animals. Responsible animal husbandry and a strong sense of pride of product are tenants of our sourcing practices and are both evident in our two major animal suppliers: Featherbrook Farm and Andy Carbone.  Featherbrook Farm, located in Raynham, MA, is owned and operated by Tad Largey and is our exclusive source for chickens and rabbits.  Tad raises his chickens to maturity in 6 to 7 weeks, a quick turnaround for a fully grown bird but he's successful in doing so because of the unique species he raises; a Cornish cross that has been specifically bred over generations to mature rapidly and to have juicy, tender meat.  His birds and his farm are certified "Free Range", although he prefers to say "Responsibly Raised", and they are fed a conventional poultry feed that is produced in Taunton, MA.  

Andy Carbone raises hogs, beef, and veal in Colrain, MA.  His hogs are a four way cross of heritage breeds: Tamworth, Duroc, Hereford, and Yorkshire.  Although their diet changes with the seasons, his pigs always enjoy plenty of grain, soy, and corn and during the summer months get plenty of fresh vegetables, apples, and acorns.  Andy takes great pride in the quality of his animals; he's always tweaking the various aspects of animal husbandry in order to deliver the greatest quality product.  He suggests also that one of the most difficult parts of his job is the ability to deliver beautiful animals on a consistent basis; there are so many ways for quality to vary from pig to pig and cow to cow.